The ultimate cleaning rod guide?

Nah! not yet…..

For a while I had been thinking about the ultimate rod cleaning guide, something slightly more bespoke than the normal generic plastic things, the problem is what to build it for? The rifles in this house are not run of the mill, things like Accuracy International’s, Schultz & Larsen, Barnard,  Savage, and .303’s (Lets not forget the Krag-Jørgensen) What we do not own are Rem700’s so when someone suggested I build one for a Rem I had a problem, no rifle to test it on. As luck had it some one on the F-B Forum had a Rem700, was happy to test and could supply dimensions and photographs, down side is he was 100 miles away but that is what we have the post office for.

The plan was to build a standard middle section for the Remington, add screw in nose sections sized to the chamber (This one is for a .308 and has an O ring to stop cleaning fluid seeping back into the Action) This gives the user the ability to swap just the front to suit the chamber instead of buying a new guide.

Next thing is keeping the guide in place, the arm that locks into the bolt handle cut out is spring loaded to maintain a constant pressure on the front section and O ring, the arm has a sliding stop behind it that can be fine moved backwards and forwards to fine tune the nose section pressure if needed and stop the spring pinging off when removing the guide.

So far so good. Next part is the rear guide, this is sized to the cleaning rod and is slid onto the rod first, then the patch added and the whole lot pushed together to maintain a constant alignment of the cleaning rod, the rear guide again has an O ring to keep cleaning fluids contained and a port for the cleaning fluid.

Final part was fit a suitable spring. I ended up winding my own as it gave me control over the dimensions and compression rate. It also saved buying half a dozen different springs of varying rates and sizes and testing them for operation.

So is it the Ultimate cleaning rod guide? In a word………NO.

The rear section needs to be a side fit over the guide body, not slide inside it, this allows a greater internal diameter. Also the cleaning port ended up in the wrong place so it needs to be moved back lightly, I will enlarge it at  the same time. The locking handle needs tweaking as well so it fits into the bolt handle recess properly. The joys of working on a part for a rifle without having the rifle to hand.

No matter, it has been fun so far and I am sure the design improvements I have in mind will make it work, the original body was machined out of one piece of 6063-T6 aluminium, it would make sense to make it from two separate tubes screwed together and of course it needs anodising when finished.




The constant tension bearing surface comparator

I was talking to an F Class shooter today and the subject of BSC’s (Bearing Surface Comparators) came up in the conversation. One of the things about BSC’s is the ultimate accuracy is dependant on a number of factors including tooling tolerances and alignment and closing force of the tooling. The contact tooling needs to close at a constant force or slight variations creep in to the equation. Also the mode of measurement needs to be accurate and repeatable.

This set me thinking… the ultimate BSC with linear tracking on a horizontal plane with measurement to a tenth of a thou (.0001″) So the thing is, can the market stand such a device and can it be built and perhaps most importantly will it return greater accuracy than the BSC’s I have built in the past.

I need to try this…..

The SHED journal has moved!

Nothing really dramatic, the DNS propagation is taking place slowly, I have exported the old Blog Journal to the new site and you can find it at Update your bookmarks! I have had nearly 40 site hits since the change as well, who are you I ask myself…

Time to add some sort of subscription widget for the masses, 40 today.. who knows how many tomorrow.

I am going to call this a Journal

I dislike the word Blog.

So I am a blogger? Not anymore, from now in this will be known as the Shooting SHED Journal and to celebrate I have invested a modest sum in registering the domain and will set up a redirect to the new location from the current location when it goes live. Meanwhile you can bookmark and start using now.

Now I have to find out how to export this blog to the new location…



My coffee cup is ticking

06:30 First coffee of the morning. I have one of those filter/insulated smart cafe things, you stick in a couple of spoonfuls of your favourite grind, add hot water, wait a while then push the filter down and enjoy your fresh coffee.

My coffee cup is ticking, actually it ticks and pops and squeals and chirps away quietly to itself as the hot air from between the inner and outer layers fizzles it way out of the cup. Well at least I know it is hot this way.

You needed to know that didn’t you?