Rear Bag Riders for the Tikka T3 TacA1

We have just finished a run of these in standard and lightweight options.

As ever the plate is 6082 vapour honed black anodised aluminium and this one has the ‘competition’ carbon fibre tube so overall weight is under 150 grams, whereas the standard is closer to 200 grams.


Do bear in mind the carbon tube is not as robust as the standard aluminium tubed version, having said that they seem to stand up to a lot of abuse, I just would not jump up and down on one of them!

We also build the RBR for all Accuracy International models including the competition special at 99 grams. Also covered are the Sako TRG 21/22 & 41/42 models plus a variety of standard T3 models.

Also, due back from the anodisers very shortly are rear bag rider brackets for the GRS range of rifle stocks in both standard and light weight versions which look really good when fitted to a GRS stocked rifle.

Lightweight Rear Bag Riders

Despite my bitter dislike of anything carbon fibre related due to the fibres that seem to get everywhere I actually enjoyed making this, a rear bag rider for an Accuracy International that had to be light. This is a mix of carbon fibre and 6082T6 and rolled in at 95 grams so it ticks the box and I think it looks rather smart as well, or will do when I have wiped my grubby prints off it. Something to remember with our light weight rear bag riders is by nature they are not as robust as the normal 150 gram versions as a third of the weight has been shed however as long as they are not seriously abused they seem to go on for ever and I know for a fact that all of the ones I have built to date are still out there on rifles and in constant use.

There is a 75 gram version however I only do these to special order and they are not as pretty

I guess I had better get back to work as it feels like we are knee deep in rifle and shotgun work right now. Roll on getting the dogs out time when it is a bit cooler. I will make an effort to update you all on our recent projects over the weekend.

As an aside the workshop doors are open and I just looked up and spotted a male House Sparrow perched on the door handle of our Defender, how odd…

Schmidt Rubin K31 Bore Guides

It is nigh on a month since I posted to my Journal which should tell you something as I am usually very quiet when we are running flat out as we tend to just focus on what we need to get done.

The good news is we have passed a couple of mile stones project wise and can (In theory) get back to normality and on the subject of normality here is a cleaning rod guide or bore guide depending on your side of the Atlantic for the Schmidt Rubin K31, I have built for other SR’s however never the K31 for some unknown reason so here it is and it may even be in our e Commerce shop by now, if not just email the Viking and tell her you want one and she will confirm our anticipated delivery date. Right now bespoke bore guides are going out within a couple of weeks and stock bore guides such as the more common Sako, Tikka and Remington items same day and we usually have a few Accuracy International variants built and ready to go for everything from the AW to the AXMC.

If in doubt just drop us an email or call the workshop.

Finally, why am I calling the Bore Guides as well as Cleaning Rod Guides? Well I have always referred to them as the latter however some confusion has cropped in to the two names and if indeed they are separate products and the answer is nope, a Bore Guide is a Cleaning Rod Guide the only difference is where you live ๐Ÿ™‚

The things I do…

I have been finishing off 5P comparator sets today, this means they are bored and finished with just the polishing left for me to do which was this afternoon’s task.

Now those of you that have experience of polishing small parts will appreciate just how awkward this job is. Despite wearing grippy gloves, if I am lucky I will finish the day with polished thumbs and forefingers and if I am unlucky the comparator sections are going to pick up and be launched into space (Pingdammit) with me wondering just what I did to manage to lose my grip on the part…

On a plus side the weather has improved, the majority of the snow has disappeared other than the remains of the drifts in the shade and on the high ground around here and right now it is showing 14C outside which is positively summer to us after the last few weeks and it was the Viking who pointed out we have had a remarkably cold 5 months in comparison to what have been used to in the past.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day so that is where we are going which is a nice cross country 65 mile drive without a hint of motorway or proper dual carriageway and if the weather holds out is should be an excellent day’s outing.

Monday I have some guides to finish and polish and we are then back on rifle and shotgun work for a couple of weeks at least which is always good. I have some chambering to do including a .308 Winchester, a .223 Remington, a 6,5×47 Lapua and a couple of Wildcats, one for a customer and one for myself which I rather hope I can slide in. Nothing serious however it will all be done on the new machine which will be interesting. I think I have everything covered however I suspect I will end up making some minor tooling changes along the way.

There is also some LBR (Long Barrelled Revolver) plus some black powder stuff to look at so a really diverse range of things, some of which will surely merit a comment or two on this journal.

Right, well it is warm outside and a Lurcher is hurtling around the gallery upstairs so it is probably time to get him out for some exercise along with the Labrador who has looked absolutely pathetic whenever I have walked past him which is his way of saying he wants to get out as wellย  ๐Ÿ™‚


408 CheyTac CRG

As you probably know by now, we make cleaning rod guides for a huge range of rifles and cartridges and yesterday this one headed out. A guide for a 408 Cadex and it was not until it was about to be packed that I suddenly realised it was rather large in comparison to other cleaning rod guides so I compared it against a guide for a .50BMG Accuracy International and it was actually slightly longer so I suspect this is officially the longest guide we make without actually checking the drawings. I should have taken a photograph of it alongside something like a .223Rem Sako 75 guide as a comparison. Incidentally, the guide in the image is in an unpolished state so no worries about it not being shiny ๐Ÿ™‚

Today’s plan is to machine a handful of these things for the shop however before that is started I need to run a new communications cable in across the workshop from the computer I use for CAD work to the big lathe which is an easy enough task however it does mean walking along the top of a machine at one point as it is directly under the proposed cable route, followed by some careful soldering and testing before going live with the system.

I had better make a start and on a plus side the workshop will be considerably warmer first thing in the morning now the builders have finished installing a load of insulation in the roof. There was nothing worse than being greeted by a inside temperature of 6C on a winter’s morning, first thing today it was 12C without any heating despite the outside temperature hovering around zero C. Next week will be a good test as the weather forecast is not looking good with the outside temperature potentially dropping well below zero.