Red Kettle Clothing, another Viking!

A while ago we met a Dane exiled in London (OK, living here by choice however exiled sounds so much better…) Now there is nothing hugely special as such about a Dane living in London, in fact I always maintain the second biggest Danish city after Copenhagen is London. This Dane, Christian is a shooter, well proportionally if you do meet a Dane here in the UK there is a fair chance he/she will be a shooter/stalker or know a shooter/stalker. Given the Danish/Shooting bit we found we had a fair amount in common with Christian and there was one more thing, he was an innovator, a designer and truly passionate about his products.

In simple terms our goal is to design and bring to market products that are innovative and best in class and Christian shared our values and aspirations and this was amply demonstrated with his products, a range of jackets and trousers designed specifically for the hunter and stalker by someone with first hand experience. His company? Red Kettle.

Now my ears always prick up when I hear about a new and unique UK designed and produced shooting product and Red Kettle was already on my radar so it was good when we eventually did meet up over a coffee and were able to talk about his new company, his product range and his aspirations. It did not take long for us to be convinced that the Red Kettle range of clothing was not only superbly thought out, designed and manufactured, it was also a perfect addition to our sister company Dansk Gevaer and to that end I am delighted to announce that Dansk Gevaer can now offer a new and exciting range of outdoor clothing. We do not add new products to Dansk Gevaer without a lot of thought. The product has to be more than just fit for function, it needs to be arguably best in class, something very special, something functional and something that will give many years of faultless service. Red Kettle ticks all of these boxes and more and we are very proud to be associated with the new Red Kettle range of clothing.

In simple terms this is not just a logical choice of clothing to add to Dansk Gevaer, it is the only choice of clothing to add. Of course it does mean the Vikings outnumber the Brits on occasion however that is a small price to pay ­čÖé

Christian sums up the products:

The Red Kettle woodland jacket is made for you, who enjoy stalking game up close. It’s an uncompromising piece of clothing, made to ‘do what it says on the tin’, so to speak. With no warm and noisy membrane, it’s built from a single layer to give you maximum flexibility when dressing for summer or winter.

You get a jacket with a clean look and a low profile. Pockets have been designed so you can carry essential kit, not stuff them as if they were small backpacks.

Like all Red Kettle clothing, our ‘Jacket, Woodland M/13’ has been developed in co-operation with both professional and recreational deer stalkers. And of course we’ve spent a lot of time stalking deer to make sure you get a jacket that works and lasts.

The Woodland jacket and Trousers and made from Ultrasuede ST micro fibre fabric, Ultrasuede micro fibre is very close to being the perfect fabric for woodlands. It’s as quiet as fleece, but more wind proof and more durable. It’s almost as light. It’s air permeable so you get natural breathability. It’s dense enough to stop the wind yet still allowing allowing circulation so you stay comfortable.

It’s not rain proof, but that’s the whole point. A woodland stalking jacket isn’t a rain jacket. If it’s raining you get wet, stand under a tree, or put on a waterproof layer. Red Kettle quality

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I will be adding a full review very shortly, meanwhile the Woodland jacket and trousers are available here:


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