An update on the FELWG Minutes archive

EDIT 03/02/2019 – The ‘Sanitised’ minutes for the first two meetings of 2018 have been added, many thanks to Mike Jenvey via Paul Whitelam for these updates, now we only need the third meeting of 2018 that was chaired within the domain of Police Scotland and we have the hat trick.

After a long wait I have added the minutes to the September 2017 FELWG meeting and many thanks to David Ellison for pointing me in the right direction. I still seem to be either missing a significant quantity of minutes or the group did not sit for 12 months so if anyone can point me to the missing bits or even suggest a search string that allows me to find them I would be eternally grateful.

EDIT on this – I have just located and added FELWG minutes for December 2016 and April 2017 so I may well be up to date on this however if you know different….

In other news yes, I know I am quiet however I am battling a dreadful cough and cold which has left me flattened, indeed I am yet to haul the Westley Richards out so things must be bad and I genuinely cannot remember when I last felt this grim.

On a vaguely plus side the Viking ordered me a bottle of Highland Parks Viking Honour which although not a cure for a cold should make it more bearable although personally I would happily swap the single malt for not having to wake up coughing at 02:00 and 03:00 and so on…

FELWG (Firearms Explosives Licensing Working Group) Minutes

FELWG LogoThis is a repository for as many of the minutes of the UK FELWG (Firearms Explosives Licensing Working Group) as I can find, if more surface I will place them here for reference.

The list may or may not be complete so if you are aware of, or have copies of any missing minutes of the FELWG please let me know.

FELWG Minutes July 2006

FELWG Minutes October 2006

FELWG Minutes January 2007

FELWG Minutes June 2007

FELWG Minutes October 2007

FELWG Minutes February 2008

FELWG Minutes June 2008

FELWG Minutes September 2008

FELWG Minute January 2009

FELWG Minutes May 2009

FELWG Minutes September 2009V2

FELWG Minutes February 2010

FELWG Minutes June2010

FELWG Minutes October 2010

FELWG Minutes February 2011

FELWG Minutes October 2011

FELWG Minutes March 2012

FELWG Minutes October 2012

FELWG Minutes March 2013

FELWG Minutes November 2013

FELWG Minutes June 2014

FELWG Minutes March 2015


FELWG 7 12 16

FELWG 13 4 17