Beretta Shotgun top lever servicing

It is game season and we had a 686 come in today with a top lever that would not return and the client is out this coming Thursday, so getting it back to him ASAP is a given.
In my experience, Beretta top lever springs seldom fail however they do wear along the edges along the same lines as the ejector springs. More likely it will be down to crud and dirt around the locking latch (Those bits that stick out and lock the barrel in when you close the gun. A strip, clean and lubricate usually suffices. What does not work so well is spraying everything with brake cleaner as it never truly gets into the working parts plus the latch release pin needs to come out to be cleaned. Better to spend a few minutes stripping everything down and do the job properly.
Anyway, it made me think. I am not sure when I last posted a picture of everything associated with the top lever assembly, or even mentioned it, so here is a picture. Fair to say I forgot to include the washer and screw from the assembly however you should get the idea. Followed by an image of the parts as they will sit. People tell me the top lever and locking latch are a pain to strip and re-assemble.
I reckon, excluding cleaning, it takes probably less than 90 seconds to remove and put things back together, all being well. Strip is a one man affair, an extra pair of hands is handy when putting things back together and I am really lucky to have the Viking, who acts as the assistant Gunsmith, plus she has younger eyes and and a quick mind so she tends to pick things up very quickly.
So there you go, a Beretta top lever and locking lugs on the bench, bet you don’t see that very often and yes, I know I missed out the dis-assembly and re-assembly process images, I will save those for another day 🙂
..and why am I telling you this? Because you need to know.

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