The Model 12 – Harassing fire.

Wednesday afternoon was dedicated to getting out with a couple of rifles and doing some testing. The Viking had a trigger job to check on the Marlin 7000T, I have made some changes to the M54S-430 (Counter productive it turned out!) Plus I was determined to get the BSA Model 12 on a proper 50m zero and shoot it at 100 yards come rain or shine, which as it turned out, was mostly rain…

The sights on the Model 12 are the original front and rear target and they are basic at best. The front Model 19 has a swing over post/ring that is changed via a small lever on the right hand side of the sight. First time out I noticed it was flipping back on recoil so out it came again, the tiny little wave washer just visible on the major shaft was bent slightly to add some tension and it was put back together. That is 5 very small parts and I resorted to forceps to hold things in place. It only took about a dozen attempts but at least it is holding position under recoil.

One thing I noticed was I have to break position to fumble for ammunition (Eley club) so I added a bullet holder to the right hand side of the receiver.

Another thing I needed to get my head around is the adjustment of the rear sight. Elevation is clockwise for up/further away and clockwise on the windage moves the rear sight right, so point of impact left.

Elevation is a pleasant clockwise for up. The graduations appear to be in a minutes however it lacks a detent and you need keen eyes to be able to read the vernier scale so I have added a piece of masking tape and some basic marks for my 25, 50 and 100 points.

Accuracy for this little rifle can only be described as harassing fire on the day, however I would like to hope I can get everything down to a couple of MOA as a minimum and this is the accuracy claimed by the factory back in the day.

Next challenge is ammunition testing, re-set the zero markers with whatever works best at 100 and get it out to 200.

There has been a lot of interest in this rifle, however I think it will stop with us, it is fun in a challenging way and I do wonder how many people shoot a Model 12 at 100 yards on rainy days in this age.

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