Wildfowling guns.

Wildfowling – The England and Wales Wildfowling season is from 01st September to 31st January of the following year, there are some exception such as Duck and Geese which can be shot for a couple more weeks at the end of the season if it is below the high water mark and that is about it. So assuming you have permission to shoot across the land or marsh and a valid SGC you are good to go.

Well good to go, assuming you have a working gun and Wildfowling guns do take a lot of abuse, they are invariably shot with heavy loads and in muddy/salty sandy conditions and eventually they can fail to feed and/or eject and usually at the worst time.

This was a Winchester SX3 that came for a service with the bolt failing to go into battery. Opening up revealed as expected, a lot of dirt, luckily very little corrosion and interestingly, it was full of un-burnt powder. So a complete strip and a good clean and it should be OK again.

The customer did say his favourite 3/4 choke was absolutely stuck and it would take a miracle to get it out, so I also removed the choke, cleaned it and replaced it with some copper slip.

One tip for you, the bolt recoil spring can be awkward to replace and can lead to a sore thumb, so I use a spare .308Win case as a pusher and push a thin screwdriver through the hole to lock the spring in place. It both saves sore thumbs and the potential for a spring to go flying, or worse still, smack you in the face.

So there you go, one Wildfowling gun ready for the weekend and a good example of why it pays to clean your gun after every outing and get it serviced regularly.

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