Sunday Fixtures.

Sunday fixtures sounds like a football thing and please believe me when I say that is probably going to be the only football reference I make on here ever.

It would be so nice to say every Sunday is a day of rest and relaxation however it does not always happen.

This morning I am lucky enough to be enjoying a leisurely second cup of coffee at home with the doors open and Labrador tripping hazards asleep at my feet. I am working on the design of a fixture I have been meaning to build for ages.

Fixtures are important, they hold things in place accurately and theoretically with a good level of repeatability. This one needs to hold a rotational position to as close to nothing as I can get it. I model my fixtures in CAD as 3D models so I can rotate and view them from all angles to confirm not just that they work, but that they work for me. This design has a few tweaks to be made but is there in principle.

People often think working with firearms is all about smoke lamps and hand files, with an occasional walk over to the lathe and it can be like this to a degree, however for me it is as much about maths, CAD and spreadsheets as it is about being hunched over my bench with a needle file and Optivisor.

It was Townsend Whelen who said “Only accurate rifles are interesting” For me, it is only accuracy that is interesting.

…and what is the fixture for? Well I am sure the more eagle eyed of you may even have already guessed its intended use.

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