Thread work.

Screw cutting, shortening or crowning are bread and butter sort of jobs for us and it is not just trade work that we undertake, we are equally happy to work with individual customers from all disciplines.

This is a beautiful .308Win Sako 75 destined for Deer work, it has been threaded 1/2″ UNF as agreed with the customer and is now fitted with an Accurate Shooter sound moderator from Barton Gunworks. We have known Will at BGW for many years and like his products so we use them whenever we get the chance when it comes to production applications. We still make our own for special applications and I am working on a really interesting project at the moment which I will share details of when it gets a bit closer to being finished.

We can screw-cut virtually any material in any thread from, as examples 6-48tpi through to M42x1.0mm on either manual or CNC so we have just about all options covered.

I have recently been making odd number tpi screws that were required for a specific application,so machine, thread, time the screws and machine the slots which makes for a time consuming yet very rewarding job. I will take some pictures next time I am making and fitting some.

Hmm…the copper slip does not do the thread picture justice, it is actually a lovely thread, gauged correctly and ready for Proof.  Eagle eyed readers may just about spot the flat crown, I do this for all rifles that will be wearing a sound moderator full time unless asked otherwise.

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