Shotgun hints and tips.

Did you know the pins holding the firing pins in on modern shotguns are often designed to only be pushed out one way? The Browning shown has pins with a small straight knurled section at the left hand side when held, this means they are pushed out from the right hand side shown. So take a suitably sized pin punch and a gentle tap to get the pin started enough to be able to push the remainder by hand. Slightly depressing the firing pin with your thumb at the same time makes a big difference.

Replace the firing pin by reversing the process. I place the firing pin in place then use the same pin punch from the right hand side to make sure it is correctly aligned, now I can push 90% of the pin in by hand and finish with a flat ended drift. This also means there are no excuses for the bruising showing on this example.

Did you know that when removing the butt you can undo the screw a couple of turns then hold the butt above the bench with your left hand, give the screwdriver a sharp smack with the palm of your right hand and that is enough to separate the action from the stock. So no need to try and prize the two apart with a screwdriver or whack the sides with a mallet or any other dubious antics.



And why am I telling you this? Because you need to know.

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