Sako TRG rear bag riders and laser engraving

A couple of product updates.

We have added rear bag riders for the Sako TRG 21/22 and 41/42 rifles. We have been making these for a few years now and make a big difference to the tracking of your TRG across the rear bag.



I have also added Cleaning rod guides/Bore guides for the CZ range of rim-fire and centre-fire rifles which I forgot during the creation of the new web shop.

Laser engraving.

A different laser engraving company this time for our wedges (Scope Alignment System) I think they turned out rather well considering all we could give the new people was a picture of the last time they were done.


They take quite a while to set-up and machine, so I always worry that there will be a glitch in the engraving process and they will be scrapped.

I remember having some chassis parts laser engraved one Friday afternoon a while ago with a different company and they kept putting our logo on slightly canted. Quite why was beyond me however we only had the one test piece before going to the production parts. Eventually it was correct, the first one engraved and he promptly moved the fixture….

4 sets of logos, 15 minutes work, a complete afternoon lost…. Oh how we laughed

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