Guns, dogs and dummy launchers.

The thing about guns is they go hand in hand with other things, especially if you are a countryside dweller.

Ask the typical gun and they will almost certainly hold a.22LR, a .243 or 22-250, a shotgun and a dog. All of these items plus more could well be in multiple numbers. (We have 4 dogs and a lot of guns here…)

With dogs come the pleasure of training and from there the ‘tools of the trade’ and along with slip leads and whistles are dummies and dummy launchers and anyone that uses a dummy launcher will remember just how arm shattering harsh the recoil of a brand new launcher and dummy is.This means launchers have two fates, they either get slung in a drawer or the owner grits their teeth and runs it to oblivion and sadly they often then get slung in that drawer or end up on an auction site.

Now the thing about a dummy launcher is it is not so different to a firearm, it has a beech, a barrel of sorts and accepts a cartridge, and it locks up, it should even have a Proof stamp and here at the Shooting Shed we have a rather good understanding of firearms and machining in equal doses so it was an obvious progression to start servicing, upgrading and repairing dummy launchers.

As well as repairs, we also convert launchers from dummy to tennis ball and believe me when I say this has a huge impact on your arm as they are bordering on recoilless.

Anyway, enough of the sales hit. Today’s first launcher job was strip, clean and reduce the diameter of the spigot. The nominal diameter of spigots is usually 3/4″ or 19.05mm however some do vary as do the internal diameters of the dummies which means you end up with an older launcher and a load of new dummies that either do not fit, or are a very tight fit which leads to more recoil and dummies disappearing off over the horizon, hence the strip and skim job on the spigot. A new O’ring has been fitted and everything cleaned and re-assembled and it is ready to go.

The final image is a selection of launchers in for work at the moment.

I bet you didn’t know we did this, did you?

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