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Since rebuilding our e-commerce site we have realised our product images were really not very good, so we are making an effort to give a better representation of the basic list of 90 products on the site. Obviously we will not include a picture of every single variant of every single item however, hopefully the new pictures will do the products a bit more justice.

The thing is, we are machinists and gunsmiths, not picture takers so there is a bit of a learning curve here and I thought I would share a picture of our product image set-up.

Yes, that is a couple of cheap Amazon lights and shades, the Vikings Fujifilm X10 and my workshop hoody as a background so far from professional however it has allowed me to start experimenting with image styles and layouts. The raised section at the rear of the workshop is handy in that is is a lovely solid working area and I can stand at the lower level and work on things, lay them out or just use it as a photographic area. We have two large arched windows at the back which let in a lot of light and are ideal in the morning before the sun has swung around and started casting shadows through the back.

First test was with a T3 .223 Cleaning rod guide as an example. However it seemed incredibly cluttered and although the image did make it to the web site it was very quickly shelved in favour of a green baize background below with the inclusion of our logo.

On the subject of cleaning rod guides, a customer reminded me that we build and stock guides for the Cadex CheyTac .408 and they are not on the site so I guess they need to be photographed and added over the weekend. I do like it when a customer reminds me of what we make and sell!

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