Shooting Shed eCommerce site is back up and running (Mostly)

After a hectic and long couple of days the eCommerce site is back up and running and most importantly, accepting orders. Some of the images and descriptions are fairly generic at this stage however you should get the idea when you look for things.

Also we have added a new Gunsmith section with Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols included, along with bespoke spares and machining. We have also added some additional guides and some drop down menus to simplify ordering.

The front end of the site looks very similar to the original however there is an all new database at the back end and an updated system, the server is also running some new stuff to keep things secure. Unfortunately, we could not safely import the original customer details so you will need to register as a user again. Also all of our glowing reviews have been lost which is very disappointing, after 8 years with the old site we had amassed some really kind comments and product reviews.

We still have a load more drop down menus to add and some SSL work however the main items are in place and the site and ordering is secure and backed up so enjoy and if you do spot any glaring errors please shout 🙂

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