Every Workshop needs one…

I am slowly becoming quite a fan of Bell Target and spent a few hours trying to put the bell target into the 21st century with an Arduino micro controller and accelerometer with reasonable results. The principle being when the pellet goes through the middle a series of bright LED lamps light and a sounder makes a noise, 2.5 seconds later it resets and you can carry on.

Well that is all well and good however I missed the clang of the bell and someone walking forward to reset the target so I ordered a ‘proper’ Bell Target end of last week and here it is in place in the workshop with the eighteen foot mark taped to the floor alongside my desk, so I can literally stand up, grab a suitable .177 rifle and shoot to my hearts content.

For paint I ordered some Titanium Dioxide powder which make a great never drying paint when mixed with baby oil (Liquid paraffin) Right now I am using an old tube of white oil paint mixed with anti fouling black powder lube and a dash of gun oil which also seems to work nicely as well. Next thing is to get some practice days booked at our team’s pub and get ready for the forth coming season.

Happy days 🙂

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