Bell Target in Lincolnshire

Firstly, a brief mention of the Lincolnshire Bell target league, right now the league has half a dozen active teams with more being organised as I write this.

Bell target, if you have not come across it before, is a .177 target air rifle discipline, shot at 6 yards off hand (Standing)  The goal is to put a .177 pellet through the 3/8″ hole right in the middle of the steel target, this scores you 5.1 points. After this the score drops into the 5 ring, then 3 and 2, there is no 1 ring. Maximum theoretical score is 25.5 with 5 shots being taken. Rifles are strictly open sighted and about the only optics you can use are your prescription glasses. It is also worth wearing some safety glasses as the pellets have be known to ricochet back.

I have been shooting Bell target for the Nags Head in Middle Rasen for the Winter league and have thoroughly enjoyed it to the degree that we have a ‘Proper’ Bell target coming this week, so if you fancy giving it a go it will be permanently set up in the workshop.

The Lincolnshire league website can be found here:




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