I am still here

A few people have started to comment on the lack of posts on my Journal and I was quite shocked when I realised it has been a couple of months, so this is just a quick albeit solitary post for the month of March to say I am still here and still incredibly busy with all sorts if projects and jobs running at present.

We also have these two things who are now 9 months old, growing steadily and for the most doing quite well. We are training them with the help of a couple of well known and regarded trainers plus as many 1:1 sessions a week as we squeeze in. This is not as easy as it sounds when you have four dogs around you with the three Labs and the Lurcher and they all have their own very special needs and requirements.

The picture is typical of the two, one had a piece of cardboard and the other a stone. I have a pile of stones by my desk and another pile of stones in the workshop and I must admit he is very good at spitting out such items when told to do so. Will they make good working dogs? Well right now my gut feeling is yes, they will do well however that is entirely down to us, certainly more so than the pups as they are sponges, they just soak up what they are shown and usually repeat it.

Right I am off to get some CAD work done for the morning however I will also be adding some new posts in the next day or so.

Take care all 🙂


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