A 75 MOA Rail for a .22LR

We were asked to make a one-off 75 minute rail for an Anschutz rim-fire rifle for long distance target shooting. (400 yards off the elbows with a ‘scope)

Jobs like this are interesting, albeit time consuming. I had to calculate the cut across the length of the base and make sure the dovetail fit was very precise.

The block itself is locked in place with M8 grub screws from above, with a second screw added to lock things in place.

Finish is rattle can black as I did not have time to get the parts vapour honed and anodised.




Here it is assembled and ready to head off to the customer.

Something slightly different and interesting.



I will add some more words on this project shortly however I thought it would be interesting to get an idea of the job.

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