BSA Martini International ‘Scope brackets – A sleeker look

I made some changes to the design of our BSA International bracket a  while ago and have just realised I did not update my Journal to reflect this change so here you go, a sleeker look for our ‘scope brackets.

I prefer this design to the older builds and I do wonder why it took me so long to arrive upon this style. I am leaving the rails longer as people are also using these rifles with night vision systems of varying types and often need an extended rail. The length of rail should not impact the vast majority of ‘scope objectives however if it does get in the way you can easily remove a couple of inches with the careful use of a hacksaw, or ask us ad we can do it in a more precise manner.

Our brackets and rails are available to suit the International MkI to MkV in both left and right hand variants and are available here:


8 Replies to “BSA Martini International ‘Scope brackets – A sleeker look”

  1. Looking for a mount/rail system for a BSA Martini Mark II.
    Can you be of assistance?
    Larry Puccio

  2. Hi

    I am interested in this scope mount for my BSA international mk1.
    Could you please give me some details of how the bracket is attached to the rifle.

    Many thanks

    1. To attach the bracket and rail remove the existing side dovetail for the rear sight and replace with our bracket using the supplied screws. It takes under 90 seconds to swap between the old and new system.


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