They are growing.

The pups are growing, all of a sudden they take up a lot of space, especially if the two of them are lying on the floor outside the living room. I can no longer simply step over them and have to instead walk around them which is all well and good unless they decide to jump up and follow me, which invariably means the other two are going to get involved on the off chance that something interesting is going to happen, or they might get a treat.

The pups stop in the workshop with us during the working days, this means they become used to people and noises and they will happily sleep through a compressor running, lathes and Mills being operated and things being hammered or sawn. They have been exposed to gunshots however only from a distance as the exposure to such sharp noises is a very gradual procedure.

My goal is to get at least one of them out on the last shoot of the year although I may end up beating and keeping my distance from the guns when one is with me. Right now I think it will be the yellow one, his brother is slightly timid although he is the better trained of the two and he will walk to heel off lead for reasonable distances despite distractions.

At this stage of their development I have no real idea how either of them will turn out however what I can say is they are both a delight to be with even if they do wake us up early every morning, at least I do not have to worry about the alarm not going off.

Yesterday was glorious, the Wolds are a beautiful place to be regardless of time of year and I spent a very pleasant day on a local syndicate. Our shoot is a very informal affair which involves a lot of dogs, an equal amount of walking and for me the very occasional shot to keep my Labrador happy, he is more used to 250 bird days so our stuff is very low key for him.

I suspect he appreciates the more leisurely pace of our day. We had walked up from the woods way back in the distance of this picture, headed onto the edge of the woods to the extreme right and then up this track to the waiting vehicles and I paused at this point ostensibly to take the picture although it is fair to say my back was incredibly uncomfortable at this stage and the breather really was appreciated by myself. This is the downside of spending hours either hunched over benches or machines and I find myself having to resort to a couple of Paracetamol from time to time, something I try to avoid as much as possible.

Well my coffee is finished, time to get on with some cutting and welding or the HT oven project will never get finished.

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