Pointing smaller bullets

Sunday I was experimenting with a new tipping die design for the 53 grain SMK #1400 bullet. Now you could always ask what is the point, these are not the sort of bullet to be pushed to any great distance, in fact given the flat base I would agree they are at best a 300m bullet however I was curious so I tested and this is what the tipped bullet (Right) looks like.

I must admit it does not look like a huge improvement however the average #1400 meplat is around 0.072″ and the pointed version brings it down to 0.051″ which is a reduction of 30% which is reasonable for a dumpy little 53 grain bullet which has a factory declared G1 BC of .224.

Yes I could have looked at the Hornady Vmax with a BC of .242 or the Berger with a BC of around .235 from memory however I have a lot of #1400s on the shelf so I might as well see if I can improve them any and it looks like I can.

This is only prototype tooling and I can usually close meplats to 0.020″ on heavier bullets such as the 123 Scenar and even tighter on the 155 grain class 30 calibre match bullets such as the Scenar or the #2156 so there is certainly scope for improvement.

Oddly enough I enjoy researching for future projects on a Sunday afternoon as I can be nigh on 100% confident I will not be disturbed unless it is by prior arrangement.

Now to get a handful loaded and see how they perform versus the un-tipped version.

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