Saiga 12 gas piston – The small jobs always count

Friday and I am catching up on the small jobs whilst waiting for some tool steel to arrive and an early job for the day was this Saiga 12 which is best explained with some pictures over a cup of coffee.

This was the gas piston connection to the bolt carrier on a Saiga 12 that was wobbling badly. Saiga simply screw the gas piston in and then stake it and it is never ideal.

The stakes are clearly visible in this image  you can see how much thread is hanging out of the end of the carrier.

First job is drill the stakes out and unscrew the piston, everything is then tidied up and I use a very high temperature adhesive to bond the piston to carrier which is screwed in until tight. Wait 24 hours for the adhesive to set. Now at this point I have to say I am always slightly wary of this as everything needs to be fairly well aligned however this is an accepted modification so on with the job.

Drill through with a 4,2mm drill and add a countersink to either end. The holes where I had drilled out the stakes lined up perfectly proving attention to detail always pays dividends.


Then it is just a matter of machining a pin to suit with a suitable countersunk head at one end. I always go for a tight fit and check this on the machine before the pin is removed as it is always easier to take another fine cut if required.

With fit confirmed the pin is pushed into place and the ends peened over.



The final job is to file the ends of the pin flush with a light emery to complete and the job is done and I defy you to spot where the pin is 🙂

Well that is my coffee finished and another couple of jobs booked in so I had better make a start on the next job which involves a Ruger Precision Rifle.

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  1. Didn’t do it when I had to and now I have a broken bolt receiver. Do you know where can I find a replacement in Europe or a U.S. store who export it?

    Thanks and regards.

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