Two Brothers (Labradors)

Time to introduce the brothers.

I do seem to remember there being an American motorbike exhaust company called Two Brothers Racing, however on this occasion the reference is to two Labradors who just happen to be brothers.

These particular two came home with us yesterday to join the crew.

Aged just over 8 weeks they are both dogs and come from working parents and will in turn be working dogs to keep our current working Labrador and the Lurcher company. The perspective makes the black one look bigger however they are very close in weight with the black one just topping the two.

They will be house dogs, indeed they will be workshop dogs for a while as they need feeding four times per day at present plus we need to keep an eye on them as much as possible.

They slept through last night which was good even though the Lurcher instead decided he needed to go out, unusual for him and possibly due to the upheaval of two new members to the household which he is not totally convinced about at the moment. The Labrador took it all in good faith although he did grumble at one of the pups this morning. The pups will not be alone with the adults for a good while yet and I would hope they will all learn to get on with each other.

Right now they are asleep behind me and seem unphased by visitors or machines and general noise, in fact they even ignored the postman earlier.

Expect more gratuitous puppy pictures from time to time 🙂

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