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We are delighted to announce SG Precision 

This means US customers can order our OAL Gauge locally and SG Precision also offer a case tapping service to suit our 8mmx0.75 thread, additionally the US Specification OAL Gauge has a removable rear section to enable a custom rear bushing to suit you particular action to be fitted. Speedy and Greg can supply these bushings to suit your needs.

OAL Gauges – The signature range

Firstly the OAL (Overall Length) gauges. We made some changes to our OAL gauge design earlier this year and this is an example of our new ‘Signature’ version, all but impossible to photograph and looks like it could do with another polish however you should get the idea. It is now exclusively manufactured from stainless steel and measures around 355,0mm in length, threaded 8mmx0,75 on the nose section. The advantages of such construction are longevity and precision, with a stainless steel body it is going to last a lifetime with normal use and the stainless pusher will not flex so you get a precise measurement every time you use it.

Why signature? We have been looking at some additions to our product range for a while, both new items and upgrades and we decided the new items would be described as our signature range as they will be, dare I say even better than before.

The metric thread is not the same as some alternatives and for good reason, it means people usually come to us to have their cases drilled and tapped which means we can control the quality of the whole system.

Our OAL gauges are shipped right across the world and we have many customers on all continents however if you live in the USA you will need to contact Speedy or Greg who hold stock for immediate shipping.

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