Its a flower decoration…

I have spent most of the day on lumps of 316 stainless that have proved to be incredibly fiddly, first attempt went well however it was when it came out of the machine that I realised that it was 10,0mm too short as I had not taken into account I needed to machine the pilot hole away when finished. It went in the scrap bin.

Second attempt, well that went OK right up until I had chatter on the final cut of the small diameter, that also went in the scrap bin.

Third attempt was great, dare I say perfection, I powered  the machine down and wound away from the final cut and clipped the next diameter putting a very fine single point thread type finish across the surface. I took it out and presented it to the Viking in disgust who studied it for a few moments, then walked across the workshop to a potted Clivia in the corner stuck the part in and announced it was a flower decoration.

Time to walk the dogs, enjoy the sun and escape for a while to clear my mind.

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