The Hushpower Mossberg 410 Pump Action

Being a bit of a fan of the Mossberg and sound moderators, I have been meaning to post a picture of one of these for a while so, when this one arrived this afternoon out came the camera, or more accurately the iFone and here you go:

This is a Mossberg 500 Pump that comes fitted with a 14″ sound moderator which when used in conjunction with .410 subsonic cartridges makes for a remarkably quiet shotgun which means it is ideal for discreet vermin bashing.  Chambered for anything up to 3″ means it can be used for more meaningful applications if required and about the only thing I can say against it is it is quite long however this is as much down to it being a Pump Action as anything as the sound moderator only adds around 4″ to the overall length and it starts off with a 24″ barrel so truth be known it is probably not much longer that the modern 30″ barrel .410 offerings.

Plus side is .410 + Pump Action+ Sound Moderator + All weather stock so what is there not to like, in fact I really should get myself one of these very soon 🙂

About the only thing I do to these is copper slip the rear threaded section to aid future removal of the outer sleeve, the baffle section is located at the front of the tube and cannot be removed however periodic removal of the outer sleeve and a good blast of WD40 or similar plus a shake to remove any loose debris is about all that is needed.

Although not usually held in stock we can normally get these in within 48 hours if needed.

4 Replies to “The Hushpower Mossberg 410 Pump Action”

  1. Got a sh moss berg .410 couple months ago I’m useing eley hushpower shalls . I don’t find it very quiet at all but worse thing I’m having trouble with recoil it hurts my cheek and recoil is not really any less than my Lamber ou.think I may have to sell it

    1. John,

      Magansonic work well in the silenced Mossberg however they are not cheap. I use home made 17 gram Subs in my silenced .410 and they are incredibly quiet however they are involved to make and I only use them for humane despatch.If your gun is slapping you in the face are you lifting your cheek off the butt? Also,short guns slap me about as well.


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