Lincoln Ejectors

As I recently wrote about shotgun ejectors and have just had a Lincoln in bits I thought it was worth adding a couple of pictures for those of you that would like to give you ejectors a proper clean.

This is the ejector in place, the vertical section in the centre of the image is the bit that holds the ejector in place and is secured by that small screw near the bottom.




Slacken the screw off and slide the plate down whilst keeping some pressure on the ejector and you can now allow the ejector to release, do remember there is a spring and plunger behind each ejector so some opportunities to see parts flying off if not kept in check. Once removed give everything a good clean, I use Acetone and cotton buds, lubricate the moving parts and reverse the procedure and the job is done.

This is the Lincoln opened up and yes it does look like a Sidelock externally however it is just a Boxlock when you look closely.

To drop the action out from the butt remove the butt pad, remove the long screw which requires a 10mm socket and long extension, now remove the rearmost screw from the side plates and give the butt a tug and it should come away without any issues. The side plates are held in place by a couple more screws on each side.

It is bitterly cold in the workshop this morning, I managed to break the glass on the stove first thing Monday morning, ordered a replacement which arrived and was incorrect, so now a template has been sent to a glass cutter and I doubt we will see anything before next week and the stove really does not perform well without the glass in the door so right now we are working in 6C which is not great. Roll on Spring 🙂

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