Time off

We have both been battling dreadful coughs and colds these last few days and have decided to put everything on hold until we both feel a bit better so no more machining for the next few days. It does seem a bit extreme however I find myself not just making but repeating mistakes on set-up which at best will cost time and materials and at worst possibly a broken finger or two (I have done it before!)  It really is not worth the risk, so I will restrict myself to paperwork and outstanding design work and programming until I feel a bit better.

We are both sorry about this and if you have an order with us we will get to it as quickly as possible so please bear with us.

The working season has come to an end for the Labrador and he is looking singularly unimpressed. The diary shows he was out 30 times during the season so even assuming an incredibly low average of 15 birds picked per day he still accounted for 450 retrieves and it could be two or times this number in reality.

Whatever the number he has worked hard, I notice his nose is scratched from yesterday’s work, run a hand over him and you will feel tiny marks, check the undersides of his ears and scratches are visible. The damage to his Carpal pad is just about healed now and I notice he is is not launching himself off the raised plinth in the workshop any more so he can feel the season’s work as well.

He is carrying very little body fat and is displaying superb tone and form.  He went on the scales this morning and is at 28,8Kgs so I would say he is at his peak right now. A good dog.

Right, I am back to paperwork 🙂

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