Ruger Precision Rifle – Rear bag rider

I have had a few enquiries of recent for a rear bag rider for the Ruger Precision Rifle so here it is as a prototype fitted to a customer rifle. This rider has a 23,4mm tube suspended from a rear plate and if it looks to be sloping up it is! The customer asked for a 10 degree angle on the rider however I opted for 2.5 degrees to keep things low. The idea of the slope is by moving the rifle forwards and back subtle changes can be made to the elevation without excessive bag squeezing.

The finished product will be anodised in black and available with a spacer to give either zero or 2.5 degree slope if requested. I will also offer it with a 20,0mm tube as an alternative so you size it to your own make of rear bag.

The bag rider incorporates the original Ruger fixings so the butt can be canted as with the original and will be made in a limited run so if you are interested or have any questions or comments please let me know.

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  1. I am quite interested in your Ruger PR bag rider. Is it in production yet and if so what is the price (US $?). Will you ship to the USA.
    Thank you.

    1. Unfortunately I do not have an RPR to work with and the UK importers are not my favourite, so unless I can borrow the back end for the RPR for a while it is not going to happen.

      I hate saying this as I always try to help people however getting any sense out of importers is all but impossible 🙁


  2. David,

    I would be interested in purchasing a bag rider for my Ruger PR, the last time I e-mailed you hadn’t made any.


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