BSA Martini International ‘Scope brackets

These are a small run of BSA Martini International ‘Scope brackets. I designed these brackets for the MkI and MkII with the 1-1/8″ receiver width however they they also work with the MkIII/MkIV/MkV 1-1/16″ receiver albeit with the central axis of the rail shifted by a 1/16″ which is 1.58mm. I doubt you will notice the change once zeroed if it is to be used at a fixed distance such as 25 yards/metres. The finish is satin black Cerakote and they do look nice on the Internationals.

If anyone is interested in just how much of an issue the misalignment of just under 1,6mm is at 25m I will take my socks off and have a go at the math, I might just do it anyway to satisfy my own curiosity 🙂

The brackets can be found in our on-line shop here:

Today is a rifle day again, I have a couple of bedding jobs to complete plus more machining than I care to think about. I machined a couple of soft metal extended jaws for the machine vice on the Bridgeport over the weekend to improve work holding of stock during inletting a bit easier and will be putting them to use towards the end of the day. They stand an extra 50,0mm high and I machined them from 30,0mm thick Ecocast plate which is basically a 6082 with a nice finish. The hardest part is swapping the jaws out however it takes less time than swapping the vice out and squaring it up.

Best get on 🙂

EDIT – I reckon the variance of 1,58mm scope offset is the equivalent to 0.0054 MOA calculated at 100 metres and I have checked my calculations twice with the same result however it is a Monday and I am yet to start my second coffee of the day…

Please note the design of this bracket has changed slightyl and can be viewed in this journal entry:

15 Replies to “BSA Martini International ‘Scope brackets”

  1. Hi. I have a very accurate model 12 BSA Martini 22 cal that I would like to put a scope on … I also have a Int mk 111 that I use for open-sight shooting. I would like to try one of your brackets on the model 12 … this rifle has a receiver width of 30.60 mm so the centre line of the weaver mounting strip would be sitting to the left of centre by ~1.013mm I believe also, the mounting holes would need to be drilled and tapped into the receiver side or use the existing that are on my rifle for central sight mounting then re-drill your bracket to suit given that the existing are already threaded. by the way I am a target shooter for the SSAA
    NSW Australia. My address is [EDITED FOR PRIVACY REASONS!]if you could send me a sample or sell me one to try … I would appreciate it. Cheers George.

    1. James,

      You can find details in our shop here:


  2. Good morning,
    Are these still available ? It’s a beautiful design for updating a superb rifle. I would be really interested in purchasing one if they are still made.
    Please could you send me the details if they are.

    1. Derek, not only are they available, they are also updated, please see here:


  3. I am going to be buying a Mk 3 any day now. Does the scope mount fit the MK3 and are they still available?

    1. Yes, the brackets fit the Mk3, all we need to know is if your rifle is a left- or right-handed version. Details can be found here:

      Please shout if you need any further information.


  4. Will this scope mount work on a 303 No1. MKIII, without a charging bridge? Thank You.

  5. Hello. Where and how and at what cost could I manage to obtain 1 of these bsa scope mounts.

    1. Frank, our brackets are available here:


  6. Hi I’m looking for a sight mount for my BSA Martini international mk2 as I would like to use it for bench rest target shooting

  7. I have what looks like a bsa martini 12/15 that has parker hale rear apparatus sight. Will the bracket fit on it so I can mount a scope.

    1. Hi Brent,

      If it is a 12/15 it will have an existing rear sight attached by two screws at the back of the receiver and our bracket will not fit. If the rifle has a dovetail rail on the left hand side of the receiver it is not a standard 12/15 and there is a fighting chance the bracket would fit. I would need a picture of the rifle to confirm either way.

      The 12/15 is a great rifle regardless and I occasionally shoot a standard one in 50m LSR competitions.


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