Winchester 94AE

I am not sure why however we seem to have a steady flow of Winchester 1894 AE’s coming in for work over the last few days for a variety of work. Luckily we hold spares albeit in a limited number for them so I can usually replace what is broken or tired however there is a worrying trend, the cartridge pusher, a funny little spring metal thing on the upper side of the lever assembly always seems to be broken. You can get away with the end worn away at a push however it is always a good thing to replace it and I am rapidly running out of these small and innocuous parts and they are a pain to source as so many USA based suppliers flatly refuse to ship to the UK, presumably because of ITAR restrictions – Utter nonsense in my eyes however it is the law so who am I to argue…

We had a test afternoon planned for the range, semi autos and different types of ammunition plus some swapping around of ‘scopes. The plan was to do some extended tests to see what fell over and the three of us managed to get through 650 rounds of .22 Rimfire which was impressive. On a plus note the Voere seems to run the 15 round magazine flawslessly which is good for the Viking as she has been faffing around with it for a while. I just left the two of them to it and I think I can honestly say I have not touched other than to take a few shots so well done you two.

I am having real problems getting a decent telescopic to work on the Nylon 66, the problem is the ‘receiver’ which holds the rings is a pressed steel affair and is hopeless at holding zero or even attaining zero and I am on a third set of rings and scopes and still do not have a satisfactory conclusion which is frustrating as this is one of my overland rifles so it needs to work. Grrrr….. 🙁

The 1956 FN take down eventually cried enough after a couple of hundred assorted makes of ammunition, I had deliberately not done anything to it since it arrived and it was already looking rather grim inside. It will certainly benefit from a complete strip and clean plus the barrel has been screw cut already so I will shorten it back to 12.25″ and machine a new 1/2″ UNF thread to accept a sound moderator, it should be a handy little rifle when it is finished. Yes I know it is heresy to do such things however it has already been shortened and sports a cross screw in the stock plus it is in far less than pristine condition so I feel I am justified on this occasion.

I actually managed to get a couple of hours shooting out to 450m with the Accuracy International earlier in the week, nice to get some distance again as it has been a while what with work and stuff. It is hard to find something better than lying on the grass with your favourite rifle with challenging targets.

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  1. Hi there, I have a Winchester 94ae and yes the metal spring thingy has broken “94 Cartridge Block 357 Magnum” part. Firstly have you any in stock as I would like two of these pesky critters, thank you in advance ,

    Kind Regards, David.

  2. I am seeking an extractor claw and associated parts, for a Winchester 94 AE , do you have any. If so please how do I sort it out with you.

  3. I am looking for an extractor for an American Made 94 AE. Post 64 with the safety installed. I understand the Japanese made 94 extractors won’t fit. Do you have any.

  4. My 94ae frequently misfires, producing a very small dent in the primer. It has been suggested that I need a new hammer spring. Can you help?

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