Testing the BR99

BR99As mentioned in an earlier post this month a BR99 came in recently with occasional light strike problems, unusual but not completely unheard of. Anyway as this Journal is not always picture heavy so here is yours truly testing at NCB, disappointingly there are only two cases in the air, I will try harder next time.

I guess a box fed semi-auto shotgun is about as close as we will ever get to anything interesting that cycles the next round and has some recoil. I am happy to work on the BR99 and would like to think I know them rather well and do enjoy shooting with them however I am yet to own one myself and probably never well as Practical Shotgun is not a discipline I shoot.

On the subject of semi-autos the Viking is skipping around as we have a Voere .22LR semi-auto rifle coming in shortly and I know she is eager to get her hands on it when we get to the testing stage. Odd how she has started taking a very close interest in anything Rimfire despite being a long distant shooter at heart. We have been doing a fair amount of Sound Moderator development of recent and she is always happy to pull the trigger and shoot the centres out of targets. We also test them at 100m and I have been left standing on the sideline on more than one occasion…

I have noticed that any pictures of me these days have me wearing my Ridgeline Smock, that must tell you something, it is a good couple of years or so old and giving superb service. I have yet to get wet in it and it keeps the wind off, plus has some good pockets. Hopefully it will give many more years of service. Interesting also that since removing my beard start of the year any images of me have my face obscured, well I assure you I am nearly clean shaven these days 🙂

Food time.


2 Replies to “Testing the BR99”

  1. Hi Daqvid,
    You have probably already discovered that the light strikes are usually caused by the bolt not going 100% into battery. The tigger will still drop the hammer, but the rear of the carrier prevents the hammer impacting the primer.

    Generally the fix is lots of polishing especially on the underside of the carrier and lots of oil. Basically slicking everything up.

    Be interested in your diagnosis on this one.

    1. Richard I am inclined to agree with you and a combination of replacement bolt, some slicking and the light trigger work appears to have resolved the issue.


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