A Pair of BR99’s

I recently finished this pair of BR99’s destined for different parts of the country. The top one has a Cerakoted Titanium finish forend with coupled 5 shot magazines, tactical bolt knob, oversize magazine release and so on plus a healthy weight of Chromite in the butt to bring the balance back

BR99 Pair

The bottom one is finished in Flat Dark Earth Cerakote, has the breaching choke and Magpul AFG and both have relieved magazine wells and some polishing hear and there. One thing I have noticed is not all BR99 magazines are equal, in fact no two BR99’s seem to be the same with very subtle manufacturing differences from build to build. I learnt a while ago not to assume that a part destined to fit a BR99 will actually fit without some slight/medium/drastic modifications along the way. Another point is they do tend to shake around a bit so screws have a tendency to come loose unless loctited in place.

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  1. After looking for information on the bora barak 99, I came across your articles on google, can I firstly say thanks for the interesting and informative read, secondly, can I ask where your based? And could you forward contact details please, I would love to chat about the price / purchase and setup of a RACE GUN,
    Many thanks, brad

  2. Hello,

    I have recently bought a BR99 from a guy at my Club in London. Can you tell where to get those large all steel magazines please?

    Thank you


  3. Hello David,

    Great read, I currently have a BR99 and I was looking to fit a forend like the one in the picture, are you able to get hold of them? and do they require any gunsmithing to fit or do they just replace the current forend?

    Ben Smith

    1. Hi Ben,

      We no longer work with BR99 shotguns nor stock any spares or after market parts for them. This is not a criticism of the BR99 nor suppliers, it is just that we are incredibly busy on our own stuff and something had to give. The replacement front ends go straight on however they will rotate slightly so you will need to either bridge the receiver to forend with a rail or add a pin to overcome this.


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