Sako Optilock screws

Sako Optilock rings, great ‘scope rings, they come with a variety of bases and have polymer inserts so they are aligned without undue stresses on the tube nor fear of marking. Usually found on Sako and Tikka rifles what is not to like about them? Well very little in fact until you go to replace the screws.

SakoThe original Optilock screws are an unusual size and worse still the heads have a reduced diameter so they do not even conform to DIN912 standard which means they are hard to source and expensive as well. This would probably explain why I have received a couple of enquires recently for replacement screws so here is the first set, they are A4 stainless so should last a life time and just need a clean up and they are finished.

They will be shiny when they head out to the customers. šŸ™‚

Today was a day for cleaning rod guides, these are on occasion a staple for us and I find myself machining a run of guides for a variety of different rifle actions and chambers, the guides are all machined by hand by myself and the current dimensions sheet is always in a convenient place in the workshop. The list currently holds data for approaching 70 different basic guides and this does include like variants. The sheet is quite cryptic to the causal observer however it works for me. I am at the stage where I know the majority of the more common guide dimensions off by heart and I do enjoy machining them as it gives me a chance to think. Think about the final stage of the process.

So there I was today, the guides were finished and by this time the workshop had reached a pleasant 30C ish inside and the fan was not doing a great deal to keep me cool yet I found myself hunting around for a long sleeved jacket, beanie hat and heavy gloves for the final stage, polishing.

Polishing is the hall mark of all of our cleaning rod guides, they have to go out shinier than shiny things, however polishing is a filthy job hence the need for the protective gear to minimise my contact with the polishing computed which has a knack of coming off the buffing wheels in a direct line with myself, it is not even as if I can just hold the guide at arms reach as parts to be polished need to be held with a firm grip or they have a tendency to be whipped out of the fingers, fly across the room and either ricochet off something hard and unforgiving, usually marring the surface for life, or equally as disappointing, they disappear into a dark corner never to be seen again.

Simple jobs today yet it is always fun in the SHED.

24 Replies to “Sako Optilock screws”

  1. Hi I need 8 screws for a 30mm Optilock ring.

    Please let me know if you can supply. I’m in Canberra ACT Australia.

    Thanks, Peter.

  2. Hi,
    I too am after two sets of optilock screws. So 16 off.

    I’m in Christchurch New Zealand.

    Please emeil cost and availibilty.


    1. Hi Aled,

      The Optilock sets are here – They are machined from A4 stainless so should see you out šŸ™‚


  3. Looking for a set of optilock screws please, as I have just bought a second hand set with damaged screws .the mounts are 26mm medium. Many thanks. Terry coombe.

  4. I would like to purchase some of the sako optilock screws. I live in the US. Let me know what you can do. Thanks

    1. Hi Jamie,

      USA is not a problem, please email us shed at and the Viking will get back to you with a price including shipping.



  5. Hello,
    So glad I stumbled onto your site. I need 8 screws for 30 mm Optilock rings. Could you let me know a price please? I am located in the US (Pennsylvania). Also, any tips on removing a stripped ring screw to minimize potential damage to the rings?


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