BR99 Billet Lowers

The BR99 Billet lower project is gathering pace as I work on the final details. One thing that has niggled me is the standard BR99 safety. The standard AR15 type safety selector is held in place by a spring and plunger accessed by removing the hand grip. Once the grip is removed the spring can be pulled out and with a bit of wiggling of the selector the plunger drops out and the selector can be removed.

The BR99 standard lower has a fixed hand grip, the actual method of holding the selector in place is very similar, it has a plunger held under tension with a spring however it also has a small screw at the top to hold the plunger and spring in place. To remove the selector you need so separate the upper and lower, then remove the retaining screw, lift the spring out and then wiggle the selector with the lower inverted. Then wiggle it some more, then tap it on the side, then get a torch and peer inside the hole, then tap it some more, followed by trying to ease it out with a small screwdriver and some sideways force… It does come out eventually however it is not the easiest task in the world.

This has set me thinking, do I use the original safety selector and method of fitting or do I move to the more conventional AR15 bottom spring type. The slight downside to this is additional parts are required, namely a new selector, spring and plunger and if  am going down this route should I look at fitting an ambidextrous selector for left hookers are weak shoulder stages.

I would be interested to hear any thoughts on this.

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  1. Depends, are the people buying the lowers going to use there original fire control parts? If so then you have to do it the original way.

    You can always design a new left handed, ambi, extended safety later…

    1. HI James, I have to assume a degree of interchangeability/upgrading will be required and as much as I would like to think existing AR parts are going to fit I somehow doubt this is the case..


  2. I had not given any thought to the safety being non AR in it’s design & fitting . having read your post here then I would agree that it makes sence to sell this with a safety suitable for competition, a ambidextrous model.

  3. Any more news on these matey? A friend and I would be very interested in this, not fussed about ambi safety though. Just the ideals of a drop well and a buffer tube stock option.



  4. Anything ambi for a shotgun is a massive help, especially the BR99.

    My AR (M&P15-22) is fully ambi, with safety, and most importantly mag release via a norgon ambi mag release lever. Also have the Wilson Combat extended oversize bolt catch mounted horizontally so can press it with my index finger without changing my grip. For me, the ambi mag release and safety are vital for shaving a second or two off times. My AR mag change from checking the chamber after the bolt holds back to pressing the bolt release and getting back on target is about 3 seconds. If i could crack that with a BR99 that would be amazing!

    So for me, ambi mag release on the left and safety on the right (thumb operated) on a BR99 would be heaven.

    However, i am aware that often there is simply not enough interest to warrant a full blown custom billet lower, or even working out how to mod the factory lower to accept these ‘lefty friendly’ alterations. And at times, it just isn’t possible anyway due to design.

    Just getting my thoughts out there 🙂


    1. I occasionally shoot left handed and agree you have enough going on without having to worry about fumbling safety operation or magazine changes. I did fit a few BR99’s with an ambidextrous safety however I only got as far as sketching the concept for the reversed magazine release and no further.


  5. I do have another idea/suggestion id like to bounce off you…

    A friend of mine has a .223 straight pull be LanTac. It is a straight pull, with the charging lever on a ‘cam’ and a long lever, effectively putting the charging handle above the trigger. This link may help you see what im trying to explain:

    Would it be possible to make a ‘lever’ like this for charging the br99 on the left hand side?

    Obviously it wouldnt be able to go that far back, but even if it was as far back as a couple of inches in front of the magazine, say 6″,, that is a hell of a lot closer, and again will make cycling a lot smoother. Hopefully to a point where you wont need to shift position/cheek weld/sight picture, in order to cycle the action.

    If this is possible, or you’d like to discuss a way of doing this, please feel free to email and we can discuss off here.

    And remember, you heard it here first 😛

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