My back is back, BR99 and musings.

I was ‘back’ to the Osteopath today, my back gave in on me a week before my appointment so some 5 weeks since my last appointment. Apparently it is nowhere near as bad as before and should be sorted with a couple of visits which is, or hopefully will be a relief. It is quite an odd feeling to be lying face down on a couch discussing the Coriolis drift at 1000m whilst someone manipulates your back. My Osteopath is a top chap and does not appear phased by such discussions, in fact he instigated the discussion point and the session seemed to fly past.

I spent part of the morning with an Akdal MKA 1919 owner, the Akdal is basically an early version of the BR99 and it was fascinating to discuss the work he has had to put into the gun to get it to a competition standard, it was also interesting to discuss the differences. The Akdal trigger is certainly not on par with that of the BR99 and the whole gun was just subtly different. He has put 1000+ rounds through it now and it was in superb condition considering the use.

I worked on a couple of BR99 related projects in the afternoon, these are still at design level however I will try and get some prototypes built very shortly. The BR99 is a superb gun however with all things some minor tweaks can be made to aid longevity and improve operation in the form of after market options. I am enjoying working on these things and seem to be receiving a lot of questions on them from various owners, both our customers and others. We have a policy of trying to help all shooters, after all we are a minority here in the UK.

Now on the subject of helping people I have heard of two instances over the last few days where RFD’s here in the UK are charging significant fees for firearms transfers both in and out. I do not mean shipping either, these are fees above and beyond the shipping side of things. Our business is firearms, we do everything from machine tiny little after market parts to build rifles and we also receive and ship out firearms. By law we are required to keep a register of all such transactions and I have a spreadsheet for just this purpose. To add a transactions takes a couple of minutes.

I take a copy of the person’s FAC for our records, check the firearm and enter the details into the register (If they are an existing customer this is a simple click and the details are there) and then the item is boxed up and the courier contacted. If this is a firearm going out to an unknown RFD they are emailed with a request for a copy of their RFD ticket. The firearm is then locked away until the courier arrives. Simplicity itself and a service we offer free of charge other than the shipping to all of our customers. We even offer them a cup of coffee whilst things are sorted out, and the same goes for collections, so I am mystified as to why some people look on this service as a significant money making process.

Yes it does take a few minutes however it certainly does not warrant charges of GBP50.00 and more in my eyes. Am I missing something here? No doubt I would take a slightly different view if someone unknown to us showed up tomorrow and asked us to ship out 10 rifles free of charge, however for existing customers this service will always be at no transfer cost.

Right, it is time for bed, I have an early start machining parts and getting them to the Viking ready for inspection and packaging up, let’s hope my back holds up or I will be living on Coffee and Paracetamol again. 🙁


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