BR99 User manual

The first of the BR99’s did not go out with a user manual as it was still being written for the UK market. I now have a copy of the finished manual in Pdf and printed format and will be emailing a copy to existing customers. If for any reason you do not receive a notification please email us and we will mail you a copy by return.

EDIT – I have also added the manual for download via the link below 🙂

BR99 Owners Manual

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  1. To all users,
    Do not let the bolt slam forward when the barrel is off. It is stoped by the shell ramp which is made from soft plastic and will deform and break.

  2. Please send me a pdf copy of BR99 manual. I have recently purchased and need to know if I need to field strip and lubricate shotgun before first firing. Thanks in advance.


    1. Skip, I have emailed you three pdf files on the BR99, a manual plus a couple of documents I wrote a while ago, shout if you need to know more.


  3. Good Afternoon,
    I too just recently purchased a BR-99 of which no manual was present, can you please forward a copy of the pdf manual when it is convenient.


    Paul Reid
    Winnipeg, Manitoba

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