‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’ + Vets and Vegans

Recently I replied to a Bl*g  (I much prefer the word Journal) with a simple enough comment/question, nothing contentious, nothing inflammatory, just a simple reply yet the comment remains unpublished, instead it tells me ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation.’ Now I know people can take a while to review/answer questions and observations and I know comments have slipped through unnoticed on my Journal, usually when I am not updating it as often as I should, however the lack of acknowledgement to my comment is frustrating me. ‘Get over it’ I hear people say, or ‘Learn from it’ So I will. From now on I am going to do my level best to ensure all of our emails are replied to in a timely manner.

There, I have said it and I will do it.

On the subject of moderation, the first proper job of the day was to take the Wolf to the local Veterinary practice. The poor old thing has an ear infection and although she seems to be dealing with it OK we have not been happy since spotting the problem Saturday. She had been dipping her head to one side for a couple of days yet when checked over nothing showed and she was eating and doing all the other dog things as normal with no signs of distress in any quarter. The Wolf usually just gets on with life, in her 15 years she has been incredibly robust, there was an incident with a Rotty many years ago which certainly was not her fault and the more recent ‘stroke’ which she soon recovered from, other than that she has been bomb proof so the ear thing was a bit of a worry to us. Actually what worried me most was the amount of blood and pus that came out of her ear as it was bathed by the Viking, the Wolf of course adapted a stoic approach to the whole affair and when she had been cleaned up she wandered off to her basket.

An early ‘phone booking saw us at the Vets for 09:45 and after a wait of a few minutes a woman appeared, she looked to be a customer minus an animal which must have been kept in. Smartly dressed she spoke in hushed tones with the receptionist who showed her a single sheet of paper which I assume was the bill. Cue a sharp intake of breath before the woman, who had visibly paled asked if it was payable now, apparently it would need to be paid when the family animal was collected later that day. She picked up the sheet of paper, smiled and headed out through the front door.

The glass was thin, she was close, so I suspect the whole of the waiting room heard  the two words she uttered obviously assuming being outside equated to being on her own. Poor thing, the phrase ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’  sprung to mind. I returned to my conversation with a couple who had a small black cat in a carry box. The Wolf had already given the box a cursory inspection and deemed it to be of low interest. I would probably of felt the same about the owners of the cat however the woman had a shock of vivid pink make-up above her eyes and a skull or similar on her T Shirt which was enough to keep me talking, plus they seemed like pleasant enough types. The conversation turned to supermarkets and it was at this point her partner was pointed out as a Vegan, ‘Outed’ is probably a better description as she seemed quite apologetic about the whole affair.

The Vegan for the most stayed out of the conversation which somehow had come round to eating meat, specifically Deer, Rabbits, Ducks and all things cute when he announced he would eat Deer if he had shot it himself. Oddly enough he is the second Vegan to tell me this in the last 2-3 months. At this point, still a tad confused we were called for our appointment.

The Wolf was weighed, 29Kgs as normal, prodded and inspected and the ear infection confirmed. Three sets of chemicals prescribed, two were tablets plus some ear drops with instructions to call back in 7 days time. Off we went to collect the chemicals via reception and pay the bill. I did not pay much attention to the affair as the Wolf is an intrinsic and treasured part of the family, we have lived with her for many years, walked, played and swam with her so whatever was needed would be done. At the car I asked in passing how much it had cost. By my calculations a single Vet is pulling in around GBP2500/hour on a good day and I can now appreciate the unmoderated comment from the previous client.

..And the Wolf? Fast asleep on the floor next to me, typically body on a rug and head on the cold stone floor. My coffee is drunk so time to get back to work.




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