DTA Rear Bag Riders

I have had a few people asking for Rear Bag Riders for the DTA systems so here they are. These are designed to stack with the original DTA spacers and the bag rider tube is removable.

Material is 6082 T6 aluminium, vapour honed and type 3 hard anodised to full military specification. The finish is a satin black with the edges nicely blended to remove snag points, the rider tube itself is attached with an A4 stainless cap head. They should give years of service in any environment. I will be adding them to the SHED Shop very shortly.

DTA bag rider2

3 Replies to “DTA Rear Bag Riders”

  1. It appears that the tube and plate are more than a 90 degree angle to each other. I’ve seen some rear bag riders where there is an exact 90 degree angle. Is there any difference in technique in how you rest the tube in the rear bag?
    What type rabbit ears are recommended for this set up?
    I’m looking for a rear bag rider set up to mount in a small bore rifle. What would you recommend?
    Thanks, Kyle Donaldson

    1. Hi Kyle, The tube is exactly 90 degrees however as the picture was taken from a slight angle it looks to be slightly canted, this is an optical illusion. We can supply rear bag riders with either 19,0mm or 24,0mm tubes (Nominal dimensions) and we can supply for virtually any rifle as long as we have a pattern or template to work with.


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