Strangely appealing

This arrived a few days ago, the owner needed to take it off his FAC ticket as he had found something he ‘needed’ so he got his RFD to post it to me knowing my penchant for all things odd. Two things struck me when I first opened the box, firstly it was a very large box for such a small rifle, the rest of the volume was taken up with polystyrene chippings, the sort that are charged with static and attach themselves to absolutely everything and blow across the yard as you try to empty them into the outside bin.

The second thing, well picking up polystyrene chippings on a rainy day takes longer than I would have hoped for however it did give me a chance to think about what I had just received.

This is an Ishapore 2A or 2A1 chambered in 7,62×51 NATO (Of course!) built in 1968 with all matching numbers, well all matching apart from the missing woodwork. The stock is a super light after market plastic affair that probably flexes with the best and on the subject of flex the barrel is of super model proportions and probably around 20″ at the most, I need to measure it at some point. The bore looks surprisingly crisp and shiny.

So what have I got? Well something black and strangely appealing does rather sum it up for me. It is fitted with a scout scope mount so it needs a long eye relief ‘scope which is always interesting to shoot with plus a sling would go down well and I just happen to have an SLR flash hider which would fit very nicely up front. OK I am sure a few of you are tutting and the American SHED Journal readers are probably muttering words like ‘Bubba’ given what has been done to this rifle in the past but look beyond that and you should see a very usable 300m rifle, ideal for knock downs and ETR’s. Chambered in 7,62×51 means it can be fed very cheaply and the previous owner tells me:

I know what you mean about that rifle, it’s all wrong but at the same time all so right! I had to make a conscious effort to hand it on otherwise I’d still be tinkering with it, mainly because it’s really good fun to shoot. I’ve shot 168 grain subsonics (up to 200m) up to full power surplus ammo out of it. My favourite load was 125gn Nosler BT with 38.4gn (2.8cc Lee dipper!) of H4895 – accurate and easy on the shoulder

Here it is, I will avoid the temptation to use the Z***** word however I am sure you get the idea and it would probably be ideal should such an occasion exist. For me it will be something to work on when/if I get a spare moment and who knows, it may become a favourite.

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