Bipods and anodising come together

We ramped up the anodising capacity today and turned some bipod legs black. This is the Beta of the SHED Mk2.1 bipod, designed for a Harris stud type fixing. Weight is 750 grams with a good elevation range, left/right thread for a quicker major elevation change and the feet that swivel to follow the deck. It just needs some O rings sticking on the knobs and a bit of a polish and it is ready to grace any F/TR rifle. The conventional T Slot type connection version does weigh a few grams less.

My initial reaction is I like the design, it has the features I wanted to include for this version and it is robust however it is still too fat. I was intent on getting under the 700 gram mark and missed my target quite badly. It is the little bits that add up like the Stainless E Clips on the pivot points and the Harris pickup that add to the weight. Hmm… something to ponder over whilst I swill that glass of red down and hunt for another.

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