Anodising trials continued, Day two…

I feel I can safely say I have a greater understanding of the anodising process, my equipment setup has advanced and most importantly I can repeat by results.  I certainly have no desire to become a full time anodiser however I now know that if I need something anodised in black I can turn it round in a couple of hours, the trick will be to wait until I have enough parts to do in one batch and the very good news is I appear to have married a chief anodiser.


The first part of the day was spent getting my head around the math required for the current and time it takes to anodise, this is important if I want to repeat my results, think of it as a reloading log in that respect. I have kept a note of temperatures, voltages and current, I need to check the SG of the electrolyte as well however I lack a hydrometer at present.


The current source seems to be working remarkably well and I can fine tune the current and accordingly the voltage at the twist of a knob, I know I need to tidy this part of the job up to make setup easier in the future. I also need to add a voltmeter so I can keep an eye on current and voltage at the same time, if only as a short term measurement.

Tomorrow I start on an annealing machine and rotary tumbler for stainless steel media, plus some fill in projects, life is busy in the shed, also I have some 1200 yards shooting to do in a few days time, it is a club shoot so my call on what I take to the range however if it is to be .308 I need to get some cartridges filled. I have a tub of TR140 on the shelf and some RWS brass I want to test to see if it is a viable alternative to my tried and tested Lapua brass/N540 powder behind moly coated Lap 155’s.

I have been adding this to the shiny stuff section but as it is black I have created a bit just for it, hey black stuff means I can add one of the Accuracy Internationals!






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