Anodising on a sunny afternoon

In the interest of science our anodising antics continue, this time with an aluminium cathode and the larger tank, it is far from a professional setup but seems a more robust affair to me.

The tank has a couple of bipod legs in it and will fizz and bubble for around 75 minutes and the 3A mark. results to follow.

As an aside I heard a news article on R2 today (Essential listening in the Shed) that there is a world shortage of helium and scientists want kids balloons filled with helium to be banned, what utter nonsense. I seem to remember that helium has very small molecules and can escape through the most minute of holes and that includes the surface and filling point of kids balloons and where does this helium go? Straight back into the atmosphere of course so best they turn the fridges on and harvest some more.

If you  were wondering what helium has to do with anodising, well nothing really however the MK40 hydrogen output is up slightly today.

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