This is SHED      What I Make
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PLEASE NOTE –This is the original Shooting SHED site however it has now been updated to the ecommerce site at and my Shooting SHED Journal at


Comparator inserts - to suit Sinclair and Hornady in standard and customs sizes for all calibres.
Shoulder bump gauges
Cartridge head - (Base) holders to suit Sinclair and Hornady.
Mandrels - for neck sizing in .001” increments.
Annealing cups - for .223” upwards, plus custom sizes on request.
Digital Bearing Surface Comparators in all calibres.
Digital Ogive measuring Comparators in all calibres.
Meplat trimming systems.
Bullet tipping conversion kits for Redding Match and Forster Ultra micrometer dies.
SHED OAL gauges
Modified cases for Hornady and SHED OAL gauges. Please specify the type of OAL gauge you are using as the SHED gauge utilises a different thread.
Case tapping service to allow your fire formed cases to be used with the Hornady OAL gauge.
Maximum case length inserts – please specify calibre, I can also take your fire formed case and trim to length to suit the insert if required.
Bullet run-out gauges
Case neck thickness gauges
Annealing machines - interrupted motion rotary annealing machines.
Bespoke rod cleaning guides - built for your rifle and chamber with removable nose sections.
Load trays in wood to hold 25, 50 or 100 cases to suit your cartridge.