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Annealing machine.

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I have wanted one of these things for ages, but boy are they expensive! Time to build my own....
Design criteria were, it had to be solid, interesting, take all the cartridge sizes we use, have an interrupted drive for the stop/start at the annealing station and rotate the case as it is heated, other than that it was just going to be an annealing machine.
This one utilises a 10RPM 24vDC motor/gearbox to drive a Geneva X drive which gives the dwell time through 12 stations. The case rotator is a similar motor/gearbox but running at 60RPM, it also has an ejector station to dump the annealed cases. Next job is to fit a hopper for the cases so I can load 50 or maybe even 100 at a time and walk away, not that I will walk away as I am fascinated by it’s operation even though it is my design.
A couple of pictures showing the drive and my working drawing for the dimensions for the drive wheel to driven Geneva drive, the math behind it is horrendous so I ended up 3D modelling to prove the concept.
You can read all about it on the full-bore forum and see it working here:

Would I build a second one? Harharharhar........ You must be joking....
F/TR bipod
I want a decent bipod said Christel one day. By decent she meant under 750 grams, quick to adjust, give a wide stable platform and good tracking, other than that I could do as I pleased, as long as she liked it..... So here it is.
The bipod is not the prettiest of things as I saw no reason to give it a polish, really it was just a prototype and a function check at that.
Anyways, check list came good, it is as light as we had planned, the centre mounted left/right threaded adjuster is very quick and the ski feet that adjust to the plane of the ground make for good tracking. I really should get down to MkII, I have plans on making it a lot lighter and easier to build and who knows I may even fit one to the 7mm.