Quick fitting of a Stock and and Forend for a 682 Gold E

A new left hand stock and forend for a 682 Gold E.
The customer shot with a right handed 690 E that had been cast to fit him as a left handed shooter, the problem was it had cracked across one of the cheeks and not really worth attempting a repair.
The problem was sourcing new woodwork and it did take a little while to find something suitable. Eventually a cardboard box with a brand new stock set arrived and it was time to put everything together.
Fit on Berretta stuff is usually very close however some fine tuning is always required. Time to get the best chisels out.
Our workshop is a mix of machinery, office, counter and benches, we have lathes, mill, heat treatment, horizontal and vertical band-saws, surface grinder and numerous other things including work benches in the lower level of the chapel.
In the raised lower section under two huge windows for the maximum light is my wood working bench. It is a Sjöbergs that is probably 50 years old now and is very solid. Wood working benches need to be robust and not bounce around the floor and this is perfect for what we do here. However it is not all about big hammers…
I use Lie-Nielsen chisels for finer jobs and Marples for more general work. All of my chisels are sharpened by hand with a Veritas honing fixture using the ‘Scary Sharp system’ and the end result being the ability to literally split hairs, so a Beretta stock was not going to be an issue. Mallets if ever used include one made by myself plus examples made by my Son, my Father and my Grand Father. I also use chisels that have belonged to all three of them in the past.
I am sure the customer is going to be pleased.
This was the fourth time I was working on woodwork this week, first was a repair to a forend, then a second forend repair, this fitting job and oiling the final one.
This coming week also going to be a packed week on guns

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