Disk set strikers/bushed strikers

Disk set strikers/bushed strikers.
You know what I mean, often found on Side by Side shotguns the striker (firing pin) is removed from the front and held in place by a bushing or disk that has two or three holes in it for a peg spanner to enable it to be screwed into the face.
The idea being that you pop your peg spanner in place, unscrew the disk, replace the striker and spring as required, put it back together and look at the next job.
The problem is the PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) and the number of holes vary quite a bit so I need a few different tools. Yesterday I broke a tool on a Spanish gun and decided it was time to do something different.
The issue is the pegs snap off and the tool is rendered scrap so use needle rollers at the correct diameter, this way if I snap one I just replace it with another one and here is the tool ready to go in the HT oven when the final customer has been and gone.
The rollers are incredibly cheap so I buy 50 at a time and if I need a 1.8mm peg instead of a 2.0mm I just turn the end of the roller down. I will use this style every time I need a different size or PCD and should end up with all I need as time goes by. Plus it is always nice to make your own hand tools.
I have since heat treated and tempered the tool and it should see me out.
There are many different versions of this tool, this is my one.

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