The BSA Model 12 target rifle with extras…

This arrived amongst some English shotguns yesterday, at first glance a very average BSA Model 12 Target rifle, although it does have the BSA sight which is always nice.It was covered with surface rust and has foam stuck to the barrel from where it had been sitting in a rack for a while.




This picture is it after a bit of a tidy up and even now it is is really not a particularly great rifle which is a shame as I really like these little rifles.

The part that caught my eye was the butt plate, made from brass or bronze it was fitted upside down (My opinion) and has a logo that I would certainly not expect to see on an English target rifle.

Now I could be kind and suggest it is a good luck symbol that has been adopted by many faiths through time. Alternatively, it could have originally sat on a pre war small bore target rifle as a prized after market custom part. I will never know, however you may read this and have an opinion. If so please do let me know!

Net job is check it, along with everything else that came in from a shooter who was retiring and then take a view on what is serviceable, what they are worth as e have been asked to dispose of them and who knows, I might even get to shoot one or two of them 🙂

Take care.

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