The 12 Gauge/Bore Remington Model 11

This has come in for possible conversion from Section 2 to Section 1 (2+1 shot to 4+1 shot) This being a  Remington Model 11 fitted rather unusually with a top rib barrel and Cutts compensator.

If you think you have seen a Cutts compensator before, cast your mind back to the Thompson Sub Machine Gun (SMG) These devices were designed to reduce barrel climb and perceived recoil and you can think of them as loosely performing a similar function to the muzzle brake.

This particular Model 11 is chambered in 12 Bore/Gauge (Dependant on where you originate) It is a civilian version and dates to 1930. The barrel length including the compensator is around 26″ and without would be around 21.5″ The barrel is marked ‘Cyl Full’ on the left hand side of the barrel at the receiver end. The compensator was manufactured by Lyman. It has been suggested that this Model 11 may have been fitted with an after market barrel or rib at some point for trap use.

On the subject of looking familiar, this is basically a  Remington built variant of the John Moses Browning designed 5 Auto.

This is just a brief article, I will see what I can find on this and update when I know more.


Until then, stay safe wherever you are.

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