CE Marking and the China Export mark

Do you know the difference between the CE mark and the China Export mark?
(Firstly I have to admit this image was grabbed from the internet and seems to be used in multiple locations so I cannot attribute the artwork to an individual…)
OK, to business. On the left of this image is the European CE mark, it means the item bearing this mark has been built in the EU and meets or exceeds specific standards.
It might be a child’s toy, a mobile ‘phone or a piece of medical equipment. It can be anything however it has met specific safety standards.
The mark on the right of the image which is worryingly similar to the CE mark we all know so well, means absolutely nothing, other than the article was exported from China. It is a guarantee of nothing other than possible the source or origin of the item
Next time you buy something please consider the origin of the item, not only might it not be built to the standard you expect. It might also kill you or someone you know and love.
For me, this second image says it all. Buy British, or Buy American or buy French or wherever you are from. Support your National industries and stop skimping and saving a few coins. Your life may well depend on your decision one day.
…and why am I telling you this? Because you need to know.

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